Friday, June 24, 2011

There's a First for Everything

Today was our very first Photo shoot with the incredibly talented Valerie Cannon. All along we have been wanting to get some professional shots of our items on babies because let's face it, my poor attempt at photography is just not working out. When the majority of your customers tell you that your items look "much better in person" and that "pictures don't don't do them justice", it was a good hint that maybe we should hire someone who actually knows how to take photos.

I have been following Val's photos ever since I became connected with the Tarrant County Birth Network. I have been drooling over her rich colors, vintage styles, and gorgeous lighting since then. I thought she would be the perfect candidate to represent our business- and WOW was I right! She knew exactly what to do and I absolutely loved watching her work.

We had 2 toddlers and 2 infants- and they ALL were champs to go through 2-3 outfit changes and keep up their charm! I put up my larger than life Christmas tree (still trying to figure out how I can keep it up until Christmas) decorated it with some lights and added a few stockings and voila we had a photo shoot! Cookies and Classic Christmas music set the tone as we all swooned over their cuteness. (after 3 hours of sleep and staying up way to late, the poetry is oozing from my mouth).
Without further ado- here are some of our highlights. These are MY poor videos by the way. You will get to see Valerie's LOVELY work very very soon! Enjoy!

Hope you can join us for our Christmas in July event! Merry Christmas and Happy Summer?? -Kathryn


  1. How fun! Can't wait to see everything.

    AND, I could see a little of your house in the videos...y'all did some serious upgrading in the tv department! Still dying to see all the changes y'all have made.

  2. We're getting closer to the big reveal!!! Only two weeks away. =)

    ANd YES- we were super blessed with that TV. I think we all watch it WAY more than we ever did before! You must come over soon!