Friday, April 15, 2011

17 Giveaways, 17 Winners, and 1 Website

It's official! Our website is live. It's ok, you can take a moment to look at it.

Big thanks to my gem of a husband for designing it and for Erik Uunila at Emu Industries for doing all the programming! You guys rock!

As you may know, we gave away over 17 items to celebrate the launch of our website! Due to the enormous amount of comments we received on our Facebook wall, I thought I'd publish all the winners here just in case you got lost in the excited!

HD Cleaning Discount Organizing: Therese Philpot
HD Cleaning Discount Regular Cleaning: Melissa Holloway
HD Cleaning Discount Deep Cleaning: Kayle Marie Wenzel
Bows and Bees Custom Headband or Clip: Jennie Biles
Scraphounds Puppy: Shannon Dehaven
Rachel McCoy Photoprahy Session: Tiffany Edwards
Valerie Cannon Photography Session: Ashley Wenth
Baby Luxe Bows Peach headband: April Parkhurst
Baby Luxe Bows white headband: Carolyn Murphy
Baby Luxe Bows black headband: Lindsay Mitchell
31 Gifts by Sharon All in one Organizer: Leila Stoutenberg
Sassy Jo Designs T-shirt: Cynthia Haggerton
Nordyke Elite Travel Jewelry Bag: Alison Sheffield
Baby Buttons Design Diaper Cover: Stephanie Mathew
Baby Buttons Design Owl Hat: Michelle Polling
Baby Buttons Design booties: Elizabeth Libby Goldman
Kara Kreates skirt: Hannah Willoughby

A big thank you to all the businesses who participated in our giveaway! We're STILL NOT DONE!! (this is sounding more and more like an infomercial) =) If you sign up for our newsletter on our new website, we'll send you a special offer in your email. Thanks for partying with us everyone!

-Kathryn, Joanne, & Amy


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  2. I just signed up for the newsletter! Your website looks great!

  3. Thank you Angela!! I'm glad you like it. We had a lot of fun creating it.