Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Canadian, eh?

One of the things I enjoy most about running this business of ours is meeting new people and connecting with them. I wish I could say I'm amazing at the whole 'social media' craze, but I'm still pretty new to it. Don't even ask me about twitter! I'm very much a green horn when it comes to "tweeting".

So, why the Canadian flag?? I couldn't help but notice that we've had 14 "reads" of our blog from Canada!! Why is this so special to me? Well, because I am partly Canadian! That's right, got the good 'ol maple leaf pride within me. =) My Mom (Joanne) was born in Canada. My sister-in-law is Canadian, and several of my friends are Canadian. My Great Uncle Joe even played for the Leafs once!

Pass the REAL maple syrup, give me a tuque to wear while we sip our hot tea, and don't forget to remove your shoes before entering my house! A big shout out to all our Canadian fans! Leave us a comment- we'd love to read your Canadian accents. =)


Don't forget to check out our Online Launch Party! We're giving away tons of prizes to celebrate our new website.


  1. ok I'm trying again

  2. lol! I'm assuming that's you, Melissa and YES you did it!! =)

  3. Hey! Lot's of fun to see the Canadian flag, and a real welcome as I sign up to follow you. I miss my neighbours to the South, lots! (And there is the Canadian accent - a "u" in places u don't find in the U.S.!


  4. We miss your loveliness too, JoAnne!