Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thirsty? The Joys of Grand-parenting

We have six grandchildren and two more on the way (due just 4 days apart from each other). So, we often get the opportunity to watch our grandchildren overnight. Have I mentioned that we have amazing grandchildren?

We were blessed to have two of them stay with us for the weekend while Mom and Dad got away for their Anniversary. The two year old came, yelling through the house with glee at 6:15am saying "Nanny! Papa! " and proceeded to crawl up into our bed and began to cuddle. Now when he cuddles, he snuggles as close to you as he can get- often cheek to cheek and strokes your hair. It's heavenly- and enough to make me want to fall asleep again!

After snuggling a bit, he then popped his head up saying,
"Hear the birds? Tweet-tweet!".

Then he jumped out of bed, dragged in a huge gallon of apple juice from the kitchen (that requires a handle- it's so big) pulled it up on our bed and said, "Thirsty!". We got the message loud and clear and we both laughed and laughed. It's funny though, I don't remember laughing the same way when my kids were that age! The joys of Grand-parenting!

What are some of the funny things that your children/grandchildren have done?


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