Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Perfecting the Art of Imperfection

After talking late last night with a good friend about her recent "mishap", I thought I'd just share a few of mine. Creativity always comes with a price. Like Edison making 1,000 bad light bulbs before he discovered "the one". Often times when I'm creating- things don't always come out the way that I pictured them in my mind- and every once and while it comes out perfect the first time.

every once and a while

Most of the time when I'm creating things for the first time, it turns out not so great. If I thought better of it, I would have taken pictures of these sad little projects so that I could laugh at myself later about them. But, alas they are just ridiculous blunders forever imprinted in my head. For instance, when I developed the "sunflower headband", my first attempt looked more like a yellow octopus with way too many tentacles. My second attempt was even worse- a yellow poinsettia that had seen too much sun. Most of the time, bad attempts turn into beautiful projects. But then there's the occasional good project that turns bad.

"never cry over spilled milk"

Now if you have ever breast fed your child, you know that this quote didn't apply to you. If you've ever had to pump for a half hour only begging your body to give you at least a few ounces- and spilled it seconds later: you definitely cried over spilled milk. I know I did! It's like the time my Mom made an entire casserole for dinner only to find the dog lapping it up seconds later. Sometimes you just got cry- or scream whatever your inclination is. For instance..

One of the fun features that we offer for our booties is their name or a paw print on the soles. Several times, and I mean several I have written on the soles of the booties and dropped them. yeah. I have dropped them on my foot, the kitchen table, a coffee cup, my desk. MOST of the time they are rendered unusable. The paint smears everywhere its a yucky mess. I would like to say that I have never cried over them. Let's just say I've never cried loud enough for anyone to hear.

One of the more funnier times was when I left a pair of booties at my Mom's house to dry. I had made chocolate brown paw prints on the soles and she was going to pass them on to her friend who had ordered them. My Dad spotted them a few minutes after I left, and thought that I had actually used chocolate to paint on the toes ( guess when they say its chocolate brown, the really get it right). So, he couldn't resist the urge to touch them- smearing the paint. Feeling bad, he decided to try and smooth things out. Needless to say, finger paint is not his calling.

My friend was making a beautiful white hat that has taken her a considerable amount of time. She moved from her couch to go check on something only to find that her orange tea had gotten knocked over- covering her beautiful white hat. If she didn't cry, I think I shed a tear for her.


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