Thursday, March 24, 2011

Are you ready to PAR-TAY?

The day is almost here!! We are hosting an online Launch Party!

wait, what's a Launch party?

So glad you asked! We've been working on building our website for the last couple of months. Thanks to my amazing husband, Ryan for his outstanding design! AND to my fantastic programmer Erik Uunila, we nearly have it complete! We thought we'd throw a nice little online party to celebrate.

Oh, I like parties.

We thought you might! Which is why we're going to give away TONS of stuff! We have 10 small businesses all run by outstandingly creative women that are participating in giving away some of their amazing creations and services. We will of course be giving away a few of our creations too. =)

I love giveaways- so when's this parting startin???

Our website will be officially launched on April 1st, and we will keep the party hoppin' through the 15th. We'll be setting up a photo album on our facebook page FILLED with tons of awesome giveaways! Some of them will be for our local fans in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but most of them will be for anyone!

Can anyone participate- even those out of the country?

Everyone is welcome to participate. Only the ones that are local (you'll know which ones they are) are off limits to those that are not in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

So what do we have to do to participate?

Check back with us on facebook starting April 1st to get all the details and see all of the prizes! We will have several ways for you to enter.

I can't wait!!

We can't either!! We sure hope you join us for the fun!

Kathryn, Joanne, & Amy

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