Friday, March 25, 2011

Finding Treasures

Today I was sitting with my granddaughter, Joelle and looking through a jar of buttons as well as an old tin full of buttons. Many of the buttons were my grandmothers. I always loved the feel of them, as well as the history that surrounds them. Some are big coat buttons, others abalone shell buttons, and then some are tiny baby buttons. My grandmother would say to "use the shirts for rags, and cut off the buttons for use later". And I did and have.

You know the shirts that come with an extra button in a package? Yup! I save them.My grandmother also showed me how she stuffed her couch pillows with her old nylons…she was amazing lady who found a use for everything…yes, she was “green” before it was popular. She is the one who taught me how to crochet. She also made amazing quilts, wrote poetry for a newspaper, gardened and in her later years she learned how to play the organ and taught herself how to do oil paintings. Wow, writing this down, makes me realize how much she accomplished in her lifetime as I could go on with more! But, back to the buttons...

Through the years I have used the buttons in sewing dresses for the girls, or making costumes for the boys. Lately I used an antique button for a scarf to add an extra flair. My kids loved to sit and pour the buttons on the floor and play with them as they gazed at the difference in them all. It was like finding treasures. Now, today, I see how the buttons continue to have the same affect on my grandchildren...the treasures in buttons go on.

What are some of the things that you've treasured through the years?

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