Saturday, August 27, 2011

Important News from Kathryn

Almost a year ago, I started this business with a small bundle of yarn and a few crochet hooks- never dreaming that it would grow so quickly! It has been a complete joy and an absolute pleasure to meet so many wonder people along the way!

So much has changed for me in this past year. It has held many challenges for me both good and bad. So far I have been able to meet each challenge as it has come my way, until recently. I have felt like Baby Buttons Design has grown past my ability to keep it up effectively and efficiently. I am a firm believer in great customer service, quality products, and effective communication. The very last thing I want to see is for that to weaken.

For that reason, I am resigning my position with Baby Buttons Design. But do not worry!! This business is still going to thrive and move forward with the exact same people. In case you haven't known, I have handled all the communication, book keeping, and general business plan as well as replying to all of your wonderful comments on Facebook and lovely emails. I stopped crochet about 4 months ago because of our steady growth. Joanne, Jacki, and Amy are now going to be working together as a team to keep this business strong. Jacki will now be answering all of your questions and lovely Facebook comments as well as any orders. Joanne will be handling all of the shipping, and Amy will be handling any events that we do in the future. We are also excited to be bringing on my INCREDIBLE Sister, Hannah. She has a brilliant mind for business and tons of creative ideas.

So, basically Baby Buttons Design is staying the same, going strong and ready to meet all of your needs for your darlings. So what will happen to me? I'll still be around- just in a very very small way. I'm sure I'll still be putting in my two cents worth of ideas, but I'll be mainly focusing on homeschooling my sweet Isabel and selling my house! I hope to return by the beginning of the year, but we'll see when we get there. =)

Thank you all for your business, and your friendship. It has been a pure joy and delight to see your creativity and your cute babies! My hope is that you will continue to come to us with your business. Many Thanks!

-Kathryn Nordyke =)