Thursday, March 10, 2011

Introducing Amy Champlin!

We thought we'd share a little bit more about ourselves and give you a face behind the design. First off, we have Amy Champlin. Amy joined our team about a week and half ago and has already been such a huge gift to our business. We recently did a giveaway with her spring line of items- and it was quite a hit!

So, with out further ado, here is my interview with Amy:

When did you start crocheting? About three years ago, I was at a womens retreat in Poolville. In the afternoon free time, Gayle-my Pastor's wife was knitting and Joanne Lindenberger (Baby Buttons Designer) was crocheting. There was an open invitation to learn. My friend, Ashley Artebury wanted to learn to crochet. I had absolutely no interest whatsover. She practically forced me to sit down. Joanne put a hook in my hand and a hideous grey colored yarn. She showed me the steps and "SUDDENLY" I was "hooked":) I couldn't put it down and haven't since.

What inspired you to keep it up? The Lord has spoken several words of rest to me. As a Mom of four, I felt it wasteful to sit down. Crocheting has given me an excuse to rest. I find it so peaceful and I still have that sense of accomplishment when i stand up to do something else.

What is your favorite thing to crochet? It used to be blankets...Massive Adult sized blankets. Currently i am really enjoying booties though.

What is your favorite yarn to work with? Depends on the project. Blankets-Homespun, Baby Items-Caron, Accents such as flowers- Aunt Lydias Crochet Thread (I'm obsessed with this teeny tiny thread)

When did you start making your own patterns? Since I began, I've been making things that just pop in my head. My first queen sized blanket came simply as an idea in my head.

When is your favorite time to crochet? UUUMMM...What time is it right now?.....Anytime! I've been known to crochet at stop lights ;)

Where do you get your inspiration from? From things I see out and about. The blingy boots came from a baby I saw crawling around in gold boots. Sometimes, I'll be laying down to sleep and all of a sudden I'll get a picture and just "know" how to make it work. Some are Heaven inspired.

Tell us a little about yourself. I'd like to go to Scotland someday. I have four kids: Hannah 8, Josh 7, Jael 6, and Rebecca 4. How do I find time to crochet? I Make time!! We live in a house on 1.5 acres and I love it! I have been married for ten years to my wonderful husband, Dan Champlin. We have three dogs: Abrim - Old English Mastiff, Kayln - Great Dane, and Slinky Baguette Nugget Champlin (Ickygoo- Last name compliments of Rebecca) - Bassett/Beagle Stray who wandered onto our property and never left who recently received a collar and tags. We also have four rabbits, two indoor and two outdoor: Rocket is a black rex and belongs to Josh, Snowball Cotton Candy Snowflake is a white rex and belongs to Jael, Pongo is a giant Angora and belongs to Hannah, and Velvet AKA Mr. Personality who is addicted to coke and popcorn is a Netherland dwarf and belongs to Rebecca. (I like Animals)

What are some of your other interests or hobbies? Animals!! I someday dream of having a rescue. I also enjoy Dog training. Painting is another hobby I don't get to do often. And I love GARDENING!! I have a giant garden I tend every year. I have everything from lettuce to carrots to squash to watermelons! New this year is my berry orchard with every berry imaginable.

What is your favorite beverage? Coke Zero!! Dan says he's my dealer and I need to go to some sort of support group. If I run out, I make him stop on his way home ....:)

And just for fun: If you were stuck with one food for a whole week, what would you eat and why? Is coke zero considered a food?? I would go into withdrawls....UUUMMM Probably Sourdough bread with Tuna salad on it, lightly toasted....Joanne introduced me to that recently. I hated tuna salad and didn't tell her when I went over. But once I tasted hers I was hooked!! I have it at least twice a week now.

Well, we hope you've enjoyed getting to know Amy a bit more! Next up will be Joanne Lindenberger.

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