Monday, April 4, 2011

Needle in a Haystack

I have an extrememly bad habit of losing things. My keys, my glasses, my wallet. Every morning it seems I'm running around at the last minute looking for my keys in order to get the kids to the bus stop. Sometimes I don't find them and they have to make a run for it down our long street to catch the bus! More recently it has been crochet hooks, tape measures, and DAILY yarn needles and Tapestry needles.
In my projects, I finish up using the largest needles I can find which are usually yarn needles and for my cotton projects, Tapestry needles. I have a horrible habit of poking my needles into a nearby couch throw pillow when I'm in the middle of a project for easy access. Some of my past projects required me to use a needle every three to five minutes, therefore I got into the habit of poking it into something nearby. My problem is that they either get pushed down into the pillow or fall off the pillow and get lost.
Before I sit down to begin, I first must find a specific crochet hook (which is also very small and tends to disapear), my tape measure, and a needle (which is the hardest to find) The process of finding my stuff usually involves the moving of furniture, specifically the couch to look under it and between the sections (I usually find my hook there). Or the moving of the computer table (I'll sometimes find my needles there). If my needle isn't there I'll begin on the couch cushions by pressing the sides together and seeing if something pointy pokes out. If all else fails, were off to hobby lobby to get a new pack.
I have found my needles in some very interesting places. Once I sat down very hard on the couch because I was really tired and somehow I landed straight on an upturned needle. OUCH! My husband had to help me extract it from my hind end. One of my daughters discovered one in a couch cushion when it poked her in the head. My husband found one in our bed when he got poked in the belly in the middle of the night. And most recently my husband had one of my biggest and fattest needles poke him in the head inside his own pillow!
So you may be asking me, Why don't you get one of those tomatoe pin cushions to keep your needles in? Well, I'm happy to announce that while at hobby lobby this week, my son saw one and then all the kids chorused in unison, YOU NEED THAT!! So I obediently put it in my cart and purchased one. They were right. So now we have a place to put all these needles when they are discovered and hopefully we will be finding them a little less randomly throuout our house.
-Amy Champlin

What sort of things have you lost around your house?

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